Jean-Marie Martin’s sculptures and ceramics owe a great deal to his education and his experience in the scientific work (see biography). Environmental issues are therefore constantly reflected in his work.
Gaia, goddess of the Earth in the Greek mythology, and the various diseases she is nowadays suffering from, represents a constant source of inspiration.
The planet’s major environmental problems are all expressed: over-exploitation of natural resources both living and non-living, water and air pollution, global warming and climate change, desertification, deforestation, natural catastrophes, emerging diseases…
When considering environmental degradation, Jean-Marie Martin always keeps in mind human rights, which remain the artist’s primary concern, within a world where Man often forgets his inter-dependency with Nature.
In many countries basic rights such as food, water, housing and healthcare are disregarded or simply ignored. Very often these are the same countries that still resort to torture and the death penalty, allow maltreatment of women and children and discriminate against homosexuals and ethnical minorities.
To face these dramatic situations, it would be first necessary to drastically change mentalities and human values, the way of life and social behaviour, as well as the relationship and solidarity among individuals.
Jean-Marie Martin’s ultimate goal is to make the visitor aware of the implications of his exhibitions and thus to inspire and motivate the visitor  to  achieve a better world, our common home,a world  that respects mankind and Gaia, our Earth. . A work that fights  for the assurance of human rights, sustainable development and environmental protection.